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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions from our many years of offering repiping services
How long will it take?
For most houses, the plumbing is completed the first day and the drywall is repaired the second and third day.
How messy is this process?
It is very dusty; however, we completely cover and protect all your belongings with plastic and tarps. This makes cleanup quick and easy.
Should I use PEX, CPVC or copper?
All are good products, but we recommend PEX for multiple reasons. PEX is the more modern available option of the 3, and is the most reliable and efficient to install. This makes the total cost of the job less. The third reason is the price of the copper is much higher.
How many holes do you cut in my walls?
t really depends on the type of house (crawlspace, slab, finished or unfinished basement) but it is usually from 15 to 25 holes.
What happens if you have to cut my wallpaper or faux finish?
We will not be responsible for repair of the wall paper or faux finishes. We will do every thing we can to prevent cutting your wallpaper, but if we do, we will finish the drywall smooth so it can be painted or repapered.
How good do the repairs to the drywall look when finished?
The repairs are usually undetectable. In fact, in a lot of cases the repair looks better than the original wall or ceiling. The paint is computer matched for best results. It is even better if you happen to have some leftover paint lying around the garage.
Do I need to stay in a hotel during this process?
No. At the end of each day your house is completely cleaned up and you will have water.
How long will my water be off?
It will be off all day until we are finished. In most cases, the average house will take only one day to complete the plumbing and the water will be off only that one day.
Do I need to be home during this process, or do I need to leave?
You do not have to be home. Just arrange to let us in and we will take care of the rest!
Do you have a warranty?
Yes. All polybutylene replacements come with a twenty year warranty.
What do I do with my pets?
We ask that you put your pets in a room where we are not working. Also, Make sure your pets are accounted for on the day the drywall repair begins. Sometimes cats like to hide under the tubs and may get dry walled in.
How long does my water smell funny?
The smell will go away in one to two weeks. We recommend throwing out the first couple of bins of ice in your ice maker.